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U Stadionu 615
33012 Horní Bříza
Czech Republic


Developer and manufacturer of Composite LPG cylinders.


Other company products:

  • Ultralight composite hydropneumatic accumulators;
  • Composite LPG storage tanks;
  • Technological equipment for cylinders production and service;
  • High volume LPG fuel tanks for tracks

We also produce:

Multi-spindle winding machines 
Key features: High speed, high precision, customization options, network integration

Pressure proof testers
Key features: Safety, energy saving and recuperation, network integration, hands-off operation mode;

Valve changing machines
Key features: High precision, Valve positioning, Network integration, high toques, energy saving;

Burst and pressure cycle test laboratory machines
Key features: Safety, burst pressures up to 1050 bar, cycle pressure up to 300 bar, high precision, expansion measurement, network integration, easy to operate, adjustable cycle and pressure rates;

Resin impregnation systems

Key features: Easy to clean, easy impregnation control

Customized equipment. We can design and produce any equipment you need.