LPG Cylinders

Special Cylinders

Service and cylinders maintenance

Our company provides full warranty and post-warranty service of LPG composite cylinders manufactured by our company. The following services are provided to our customers on request:

  • periodic inspection and refurbishment;
  • inspection and repairing of damaged cylinders;
  • replacement of damaged or faulty valves.

Cylinders manufacturing hardware

Multi-Spindle Winding Machines

High speed, high precision, customization options, network integration

Pressure Proof Testers

Safety, energy saving and recuperation, network integration, hands-off operation mode

Valve Changing Machines

High precision, Valve positioning, Network integration, high toques, energy saving

Burst And Pressure Cycle Test Machines 

 Safety, burst pressures up to 1050 bar, cycle pressure up to 300 bar, high precision, expansion measurement, network integration, easy to operate, adjustable cycle and pressure rates

Resin Impregnation Systems

Easy to clean, easy impregnation control

Stretch Blow Molding Machines

High volume bottles, high speed and precision. Mostly electrical drives with plenty of flexible adjustments.