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Composite cylinders

Cylinder top
  • Low cylinder weight
  • No rust, no cleaning and painting
  • Explosion proof in fire
  • Flexible threads and valves customization
  • Extensive color options
  • Gas level control
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you need

High quality composite cylinders for LPG storage and transportation.



26.2 L
24.5 L
18.2 L
12.7 L

1. Additional information

Can be placed here, for example owner of a cylinder or warnings required by laws and regulations.

2. Logotype

Any customer's logo or text can be placed here.

3. Shrink film sleeve compatible

Special design allows to fit shrink film perfectly.



Can be placed inside cylinder's handle.


Readable from any cylinder's position, contains cylinder's unique nubmer.

6. Logo, trademark or special pattern

Max size 240x120 mm. Can be see-thorough for easy gas level control.



Our production of composite cylinders is modern, flexible and capable to fulfill any customer requirements in the shortest possible time. Our technology was developed by our own R&D team with remarkable experience in the field of composite cylinders. Our team has developed complete production line including all machines and tools to manufacture cylinders with a consistent quality. Design of cylinders has been properly tested and found positive response from many customers. Our strong side is to have all aspects of product and technology under one roof and full control.

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Our R&D team is involved in improvement of existing products as well as in development of new projects. These projects include new pressure cylinders of various purposes and properties, new manufacturing and testing equipment, consultancy and troubleshooting of relevant productions. We are always open for new ideas and projects. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need strong partner in development of pressure vessels made of composite materials, special equipment or plastic parts. We do real research for real production.

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